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Truth be said, there is a fine line between promoting the benefits of drinking wine and encouraging people to drink wine when they shouldn't! There is ample scientific evidence to support the fact that drinking one or two glasses of wine everyday, especially red wine, everyday promotes health in some spheres of your body, mental wellbeing, and so on. Unfortunately, there are those who drink too much and thus cause more harm than good to themselves. So, the bottom line is that drinking wine should be done in moderation, if it is OK with you (and your doctor!). This cannot be emphasized enough... The whole purpose of this website is to point the surfers to articles that have been published about the potential health benefits of wine. Caveat emptor, as they say--you read these articles and form your own conclusions. In absolutely NO WAY does this wine tell you or anyone to go out and drink wine! Although I enjoy my wine, you may benefit or even be harmed by it. As with anything, you should do you own research and come up with your own conclusions. Hopefully, this website will help you in that endeavor. And that is the SOLE purpose of this website!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. And if you want to add any links, let me know. I do not necessarily read all of these articles and publications, nor can I take responsibility for their accuracy, emphasis, or value in any way whatsoever. All I can do is list them here, for the purpose of public information, and hope that they are useful, in one way or another, to you. After all, these articles are available to everyone on the Internet already, and all I am doing is providing a directory to them. As such, if you take exception to any of them, please contact the publishers and/or owners of the specific articles, studies, or websites directly as I do not have any relationship with them whatsoever.

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